To promote and develop countrywide membership by mobilizing funds and offering competitive and affordable financial products for the welfare of our members, continuously improve our service delivery by embracing up to date technology, strive for sustained growth and increased shareholder benefits.

We shall put people first, adhere to welfare principles, value and practices, maintain a lean organization structure, recruit, develop and retain a highly skilled and motivated staff and participate in social and environmental activities for the benefit of all.


The Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources /Forestry and Wildlife  established Mazingira Welfare and Sports Association in 1995 and the same was registered on 4th May, 1995.

The objectives of the Association are as follows:-

  • To foster and encourage Welfare and sporting activities among its members;
  • To solicit for assistance from the employer or any other benefactor in kind or in cash for the welfare of the members of the Association;
  • To establish and maintain funds by means of voluntary contributions and subscriptions;
  • To be affiliated to the national sporting organizations and participate in tournaments as arranged by them;
  • To assist members of the Association with loans and grants subject to availability of funds; and
  • To acquire either by purchase, lease or otherwise any property movable or immovable or otherwise deal with or dispose of, in the interest of the members.


Members of Mazingira Welfare and Sports Association are drawn from a large family who belong to Water and Environment resources. These includes but not limited to;
  1. Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources (MEMR),

  2. Ministry of Water and Irrigation,

  3. Kenya Forest Service, (KFS)

  4. Mines & Geological Dept,

  5. Kenya Met, (KMD)

  6. National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)

Recruitment and Awareness

When the Association was started it had a total membership of about 500.  The current membership is 4,139 as at the end of June, 2009.  The Management Committee did not carry out the recruitment and awareness during the year under review but continued to receive new applications.

Current Committee Members

Welcome to Mazingira Welfare and Sports Association Management Team.The Management Committee is composed of the following appointed/co-opted and elected members:
Mr. B. N. Mugambi, Chairman, Mr.E.M. Muchiri Vice-Chairman, Mr. W.F.O. Amollo Secretary, Mr.C.O. Oyaro Treasure, Mr. L.D.A. Mcombasa, Asst. Secretary, Mrs. M.W. Kirira-Asst. Treasurer, Other members are: Mr. S.M. Kimomo, Mr. J.M. Musili, Mrs. S.W. Machua, Mr. J.W. Muli, Mr. M. Obondi, Mr. J.O. Kitutu, Mr. J.O. Nyanduga, and Mrs. R.N. Njenga.

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